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Johara and Snake Dance Theater present

Dances for the Dead

Sunday, Nov1, 2015 5:30-8pm
Cambridge, MA YMCA Theater

An evening of dark theatrical bellydance honoring the spirits on the Day of the Dead
Featuring Johara and Snake Dance Theater Company and dancers from around New England
Director Johara, Co-director Alashiya, Nepenthe Ahlam, Aisha Aladin and Iria Irina will debut a gothic theatrical dance drama. Through innovative bellydance fusion, they will recreate the classic story of Dracula with a twist.
Doors open at 530,
Audience members may bring a photo or small item in remeberence of a loved one passed  for our alter. We will honor them with a lantern procession to start the evening.

For Info:

Buy Tickets:
General Admission: Early Bird- $15 (by Oct 1st)
Advanced- $18
At the Door- $25
Priority Seating (Front Rows): Early Bird- $19
Advanced $25
At the door- $30

Children(10 and Under): $10



Johara organizes theatrical productions, bellly dance events and haflis in the Boston area. She has brought international dancers such as Amir Thaleb, Virgina Mendez, and Jehan Kamal to teach and perform in Boston. Joahara’s events also feature the incredible talents of New Entgandd dancers and rising stars of the scene.

Rites of Spring

May 2nd, 2010
Event Flyer

536 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA.
Don’t miss this one night only show with its Maypole dance finale!

Featuring some of Boston’s best belly dance artists in traditional and fusion oriental dance styles--Johara and Snake Dance Theater along with Special guests: Susi, Sabrina and Odalisque,  Zabeth, and Mellisa Taylor The Brookline Academy Dancers Aria, Erin J Washington, and  Inaya from Snake Dance Theater

Massachusetts Dance Festival

November 6 - 7th 2009
Boston University Dance Theatre

The inaugural Festival highlights many of Massachusetts’ professional companies. It is a preview of artistic and educational collaboration occurring throughout the state, which will flourish under the umbrella of Massachusetts Dance Festival.  Our goal is to draw current residents – students, teachers, families, artists, businessmen and women – and tourists – to our great state. It is our hope that through our statewide efforts, dance and other arts professions will imbibe communities aesthetically, socially, and culturally, while increasing employment opportunities across industries.


Enjoy the world of Belly Dance: Classic Egptian, Turkish Rom Gypsy, Middle Eastern Techno, and Theatrical story dance like the Gothic 'Vampire Bride' and Hollywood-esq 'Dances of the Sultan' featuring Snake Dance Theater and some of New England's finest belly dance soloists and dance troupes!




"An Evening of Contemporary Middle Eastern Belly Dance and Fusion," was presented Sunday April 27th 2008 at the Julie Ince Thompson Theater in Cambridge, MA. This sold out event featured new work by Johara and Snake Dance Theater Company, local stars of Oriental and fusion Belly Dance, along with traditional Chinese dance -- Chu-Ling Dance Academy. Audience members familiar with Johara’s unique choreography and divers program were not disappointed. Her new work covered a wide range of styles: Contemporary Egyptian (Cane and Oriental Duet), lyrical solo to a Sezen Aksu balad by johara with wings, electrifying (space-age) Turkish techno, Isis Wings trio to Led Zeplin's Kashmere, and Hip Hop and Latin fusions (Beyonce, Shakira).

Photo and design (left) by Jerry Bezdekian

Fools for the Dance

April 1st, 2007 at the Regent Theater in Arlington, MA. Featuring some of New Engalnds top belly dancers, new work by Johara for Snake Dance Theater Company, workshop in Bharata Natyam Indian Dance with Mary Koperski.
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A Gypsy in Cairo

Click here to see a video clip of  "A Gypsy in Cairo".

Johara and Snake Dance Theater's third production "A Gypsy in Cairo' is a magical tale told through dance. It premiered April 15, 2005 at the Regent Theater in Arlington, Massachusetts before an audience of 400. The presentation featured Johara and a cast of over thirty Middle Eastern-style dancers, actors, and narration by Jennifer Bliss. Johara's theatrical production was inspired by the classic Egyptian musicals of the 1950s and 60s and includes all facets of Middle-Eastern dance and music: Turkish, Egyptian, Oriental, folkloric and fusion.

"A Gypsy in Cairo" brings together colorful choreography, humor, and sensuality in a unique blend of tradition and innovation reminiscent of what "Lord of the Dance" created with Irish Step. Even the newcomers to this dance style were swept away by the strong story line-complete with romance, intrigue, and comic relief-- in addition to incredible performances.

The story transports you to a world beyond where magic bracelets and serpentine dancers invoke the power of the Indian goddess to bring together two lost souls and where the golden Phoenix illuminates the path towards their destiny. Follow our lovers on their stormy journey through gypsy camps, crowded Egyptian market-places, and seedy cafes with Arabesque dancing girls. You will rejoice as fate reunites our lovers in Cairo during this Hollywood-style grand finale.

Click to EnlargeEast Meets West: Arabia American Style

Johara's second show, East East Meets West Arabia American Style in 2003, was a Retro Bellydance Show full of fun, colorful costumes, and fabulous performances by over twenty Middle Eastern "belly" dancers. From 20th century orientalist visions to present-day techno-Arabic fusion, the show looked back at the western world's interpretation of the East and Eastern adaptations of the West. The choreographies by Johara and guest artist such as Melina of Daughters of Rhea, Zari of San Francisco, Goddess Dancing, and Sabrina, combined elements of Middle Eastern Bellydance and American popular culture over the last decade through the use of music, dance movements, and costuming. More humorous and extraverted than her first work, this production nevertheless carried a message. It endeavored to reveal how Eastern and Western cultures-experiencing intense conflict and mutual mistrust have a long history of cultural exchange. The show appeared before a sold-out audience of 275 at the McCormick Theater of the University of Massachussetts, Boston campus. A second show was added with a new 1970s medley the following month at the Karoun restaurant in Newton, Massachusetts.

Celestial Bodies: 2001 Bellydance Odyssey

In January 2001 (the Chinese year of the snake) Johara founded Snakedance Theater Company. Johara's first production, Celestial Bodies:2001 Bellydance Odyssey, was an exploration of the five elemental forces-water, ail, earth, fire, and ether-which underlie every aspect of our lives from our movemnts to our ideas. This introspective, yet celebratory work incorporated Middle Eastern, modern, and African dance styles. The show featured original choreography and poetry by Johara and involved 11 professional and students dancers from Boston, New York, and LA including: Anita Cristina of The Goddess DancingI, Sabrina, Najmat, Jennifer Sears, and drumming by Micheal Gregian and Abes. They enchanted two sold-out audiences in Cambridge with its new approach to an ancient dance form.

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The First Annual Belly Dance Awards was held in September of 2004. The Second and Third Annual Belly Dance Awards were held at Baladi (Greek American Club) on Green Street in Cambridge on Novemer 5th of 2005 and 2006. The ceremonies are also available for purchase on DVD through MDH Productions.

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Amir Thaleb (center) & Virginia Mendez (left) Workshops and Gala Shows 2005 at The Brookline Community Center for the Arts. Amira Gamal (right) at 3rd Annual Belly Dance Awards.


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