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Johara and Snake Dance Theater seeks to educate the public on the artistic and cultural heritage of Middle Eastern Belly Dance and elevate the art form to its rightful place in the esteem of a growing audience, through entertaining and dynamic performances that use both traditional and innovative new forms of Middle Eastern dance and music.

Snake Dance Theater Company entertains audiences in Boston and throughout New England with their unique blend of traditional and fusion Belly dance at parties, corporate functions, cultural festivals, night clubs, fundraising galas, theatrical programs, and more. They were City Spotlight winners in 2008 and have appeared on numerous television programs and in newspapers in Boston and Cambridge. They have graced such stages as the Citi Performing Arts Center (formerly Wang), The Boston Center for the Arts, and the John Hancock Center.

The company features full group, trios, duets, and solo acts in such diverse styles as: traditional Egyptian/Turkish style, Hollywood-style (I Dream of Jeanie, King Tut), tribal, Latin and Hip-Hop fusions, and more. Snake Dance Theater Company keeps audiences on the edge of their seats with their sizzling performances, glamorous costumes, and theatrical props (giant Isis wings, swords, candles, silk veils, and trays). No matter how large or small the event, Snake Dance Theater thoroughly entertains as they educate their public on this beautiful art form from the Middle East.

Let Johara and Snake Dance Theater Company make your next event one to talk about.
To book a performance or instructional demonstration  contact Snake Dance Productions:
Johara and Snake Dance Theater Company have brought Middle Eastern Belly Dance out of the shadows and on to the bright lights of the stage: Celestial Bodies: 2001 Belly Dance Odyssey (2001); East Meets West: Arabia American Style (2003); Gypsy in Cairo (2005); Fools For the Dance (2007), and Emergence (2008).  Johara's shows have produced full houses and rave reviews in Middle Eastern Dance in New England magazine. Her productions reveal her creative vision of Middle Eastern dance. She utilizes such theatrical elements as: thematic frameworks, storylines, poetry, acting, set and props, and multi-media.

Snake Dance Theater Company has also performed at numerous cultural events, private parties, weddings, fundraisers, and festivals. Some highlights include: City Spotlights show at the Citi Performing Arts Center (2008), The Asian American Civic Association's Annual Gala at the Boston Center for the Arts (2008), Visions of the East at MIT's Kresge Theater (2007),  show at the John Hancock Center and performances on Boston and Cambridge television programs.
Egyptian and Turkish style choreography (Entrance dance with finger cymbals, veil dance, drum solo, Egyptian cane dance, and finale)
Turkish-Techno: Modern and high energy belly dance
Retro-Belly Dance Medley:
I Dream of Jeanie, Turkish-Psychedelic number, Saturday Night Fever, King Tut, Walk Like an Egyptian, and Led Zeppelin's Kashmir
Salsa-Belly Dance: Spicy Latin/Arabian Fusion (Shakira and more) in red and black belly dance costumes
Tribal-Fusion: Swords, veils, candles along with exotic costumes and music.
Fantasy Style Mystical Silk veil dance in pastel colors.
Khaleegy Folk: Saudi Arabian Bedoin dance with traditional dresses in 6 bright colors and embroidered in gold.
Raks Assaya Egyptian Cane dance.
Turkish Rom Gypsy: Colorful gypsy skirts and plenty of sassy attitude.
Hip-Hop Belly Dance: Trio dance to Beyonce and Solo by Lady Snake combining pop-n-lock with belly dance.

PROPS MEMBERS UTILIZE: Veils, swords, candle (battery-operated) trays, canes, and Isis-wings add even more excitement to their shows.

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